Is the Attraction to Legos just a Boy Thing?

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Skudro Bodine just graduated from high school and is getting ready to embark on his college career. So his father and I have been hounding him day after day to clean out his room. He can’t possibly believe all that stuff is going to fit in his dorm room can he?

So as we have been trying to get him to box up and prioritize some of his treasures for college a great debate has ensued in our household. How will we ever divide up the LEGOS?

I may have mentioned on more than one occasion I am great with planning….not. That is why I have an 18 year old, 15 year old and 5 year old. Now you would think that the older boys had outgrown the Legos, but it is simply not true. I don’t know at what age you are supposed to outgrow them, because every Christmas when the little one, Stinky Pete gets new Legos it takes the rest of the Christmas break to get them put away. And that is only after the trip to the ER to have one surgically removed from my foot.

Skudro has claimed the rights to all the best Legos as they were gifted to him first and passed down to the future generations of castle builders. But it got me thinking of when Raynard came back into our lives. Raynard came to us the last time, I had a pre-built family. Two boys and a stinky dog. He loved each of us from the moment he walked through the door. Another fact that continues to amaze me…..but I digress. Raynard also loved Legos. And was ubber excited to see how far Legos had come since we were small.

In our youth Legos were square or rectangular. You had to use your imagination to build something and be creative with your design. Now a days, they come shaped and pre-formed to build incredible cities and pirate ships without much imagination. That’s where Raynard enters. He had come over for the weekend and the two older boys were in their room playing with Legos. Raynard was amazed at the things they could build, the little Lego people, little Lego swords, hats, helmets, boats and sea creatures. You would have thought it was Christmas morning. Raynard’s eyes lit up and he jumped right in with the boys building there ship.

It had been a long week and I wanted to spend some time with Raynard as well so I went to my room and called out, “Honey, I’m in the bedroom!”

To which he replied, “In a minute! I didn’t know Legos were this cool!”

I called again, “Honey, I’m naked…..”

I heard him toss down the Legos storming to my room exclaiming, “Dang it! I never had toys this cool when I was a kid!”

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