I am not convinced of love at first sight…..

Amore a prima vista / Love at first sightImage by aldoaldoz via Flickr

Raynard believes in it….he says he knew the moment he met me. Of course, the first time we met I walked in on him & my college roommate having sex, so pardon my skepticism. He always corrects me, and reminds me we met again later that night at a dance, where they both were clothed and that is where he “fell in love” with me.

I love that story. I love the thought that someone could feel that much from the very first meeting. Still it does not make me a believer.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Raynard. I always tell people if you HAVE to have a husband, you should have one like mine. Raynard is the most understanding man I have ever met. (you know if he let’s me come home after posting this he MUST be.) And has loved me without a beginning or end. If you question these stories, don’t. They are real, and yes, I am this brutal in person. I don’t do it maliciously, apparently somewhere sitting next to my missing X chromosone is my social tact. It was just one of those things the Good Lord didn’t seem able to fit in after he gave me such thick ankles.

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