ok,so I got sick

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I am in pain and suffering, yet there will still be a blog today! I thought to myself more than once, no one reads this sh*t anyway, no big deal if I don’t get it done? Right? So I was going to come home from work, curl up in my bed and go straight to sleep, but I gotta do the blog.

It also made me think, even though I was sick, in pain, exhausted; I made it through a day of work. Well, mostly, I did go to the clinic and get antibiotics this morning to ensure successful paychecks later in the month. And I had already planned to take a late lunch to have a family photo taken with my beautiful boys before Skudro goes off to college. So I did both of those. Barring those commitments that could not be filled at any other time I worked. Raynard on the other hand…..

Raynard is a school teacher, so he gets summer vacation (he teaches summer school too). He also gets something like 10 paid days off during the school year and sick days? I never take time off when I am sick. I have literally shown up to work with an IV sticking out of my arm. I would have to check into the ER every morning they would put me on an IV drip of antibiotics and when done I would go back into work. Raynard gets the sniffles he will be down for two days. I may have given you the impression that I am not very nurturing in this kind of situation but it is simply not true.

See, I woke up peeing blood this morning; got up went to work, went to the clinic, got through the family photo session and came home to blog. Granted, Raynard took care of everything else, but HE IS on summer vacation. But every October when Raynard gets his first congestion due to cough and cold you can bet he is going to be in bed for two days, and miserable to be around for no less than one week. My mother is this amazing care giver, I got my father’s genes for it. I have no patience for sickness, it is not that I cannot empathize, it is that Raynard will NOT see a Dr. If he would just go, so he could get better I think I could deal with it. But to just wander around the house sneezing and spewing on things wanting sympathy? I’ve got no time, I am busy ignoring the damn dog!

When Raynard gets sick I give him two days, that is it. I will be nice for TWO WHOLE DAYS, (most of the time I spend at work) at the end of the two days if he has not seen a Dr. he is on his own. If he wants a glass of water, he has to get up and get it himself, medicine, back rub, phone to call 911….whatever it is I won’t do it. That is fair don’t you think? How am I ever going to talk the dog into giving up her will to live if my husband is sucking all my energy?

I think most wives would stand behind me on this one, though those of you who support me now, will you chime in when Raynard is picking out my nursing home?

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