Really, how hard could it be?

The classic red-and-white Etch A Sketch modelImage via Wikipedia

Though I am not “THE WORLD’S GREATEST MOM” which we have already established, apparently I am a very good Jewish mother; except for the no pork thing, and the religion part. Come to find out I give great guilt.

I cannot so much as have a conversation with Skud without offending him and “making him feel” guilty. I constantly have to explain myself to him, and have started toting an Etch-A-Sketch with me to help with visualization of my humor. Raynard & Squints are no better. After all this time together how can they not get me? I am not that bright, how hard could it possibly be to figure me out?

Oh, I worry constantly too, so that helps with the Jewish mother thing. ASIDE: My hair falls out in random patches that float around my head. My current bald patch is directly in the back of my head where a ponytail would go, if I had hair there. So I call and text my children, then get in trouble for calling and texting them at the wrong times. I have been grounded longer than they have. When Raynard and I were getting together, for the last time……….he said something that has always stuck with me, “Have you ever heard the saying that worrying is like paying on a debt you never owed?” Is that not the dumbest saying you have ever heard? Why I find it ridiculous. I am paying on a thousand debts I never owed, I am paying for social security that I will more than likely never receive, what would make my worry any different?

Plus, I have a bedazzler now all I need are the big sunglasses and the velour jumpsuit.

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