Politically Correct?

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I am the LEAST political person I know. I am not that bright so I leave the running the country stuff to the people with law degrees and Ashton Kutcher. People who are far smarter and superior to me. Plus, I live in Wyoming. I am not progressive or a forethinker by any stretch of the imagination. Admittedly, I don’t watch the news because it makes me cry.

How can I make a difference?

I don’t think most global thinkers stop to ponder what crazy Sadie thinks about Healthcare Reform or Cap & Trade. And quite honestly they shouldn’t as I am more consumed by what character I am going to be for Halloween this year than what their political agenda might be.

Last night I HELPED bring Wyoming’s two US Senators under the same roof to discuss Healthcare reform with their constituents. People threatened to protest. I replied, “Put down your sign, I will give you the microphone! Just tell them what you want them to know.”

The event has both mixed reviews. Some people relished the opportunity to unleash years worth of medical unrest upon their Senator. Other people are grateful to just get the chance to hear what their Senator’s think. And there are people that didn’t think it was appropriate to hear all of the common man’s ails. Wyoming is historically conservative, and our Senator is at the forefront of writing his own bill to compete with Obama’s “Public Option.”

Either way you view this topic we know there must be change. I wouldn’t kid you into thinking that I know the answer. I am just grateful to have been there and a part of it. It was a valued lesson. And I can be proud that last time our Senator was here speaking about Healthcare Reform he had about 50 constituents to contend with, last night he had about 500; and I was a part of that.

Maybe I will try watching the news tomorrow…

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