A ripple for the Reptiles

May 18th, 2006Image via Wikipedia

OK. I saw her first. Just so you know Annie and I have known each other for 20+ years. We have slept together, on multiple occasions, but all in the name of sisterly love and Bible Bowl.

So after 20 some years we have been quasi planning our fake lesbian wedding to take place in Vegas. Though both of us would go through with this event in a heart beat, she has 5 kids and I have four (including Raynard.) Between budgets and good times of the year it has been a battle.

That does not make our commitment any less to each other. Plus Ethel & Lucy have given their blessing to our union, (as have both of our spouses.) I haven’t come right out and told my parents, I figure, I gave them the blog address. If they want to know they will check in on me.

You want to know what I didn’t expect…. this girl. She is in love with my Annie too. Which I totally get… who isn’t? But some unknown lady vying for my position. Hmmm, what’s a girl to do? So I did what any non-threatened heterosexual woman would do. I invited her to join in. But one thing need to be perfectly clear. I get to be the Number 1 wife, I saw her first.

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