Manipulate it - Against Censorship at FlickrImage by Skye Suicide via Flickr

So I have been thinking about throwing my censorship rule out the window. There are days I don’t write, or don’t write what I would like to because of who maybe reading. And that is completely defeating of the purpose of this blog.

Raynard does not want me to write about him as he is afraid it will ruin his bada$$ warty trolley persona. I don’t write things that peeve me at work, as Daisy & Sissy read the blog. I don’t write the heart wrenching stories of my children’s trials that tribulations in their effort to become men, not ’cause they read the blog (parents sex stories? eeewwww!) but because those stories don’t belong to me. My point is I censor myself everyday.

I am by nature a peacekeeper. I am the child of an alcoholic, we are peacekeepers. We are the people that smile when cruel words are uttered. We are the people that constantly clean up the pieces and make pretty before company shows up.

But there are situations brewing on the horizon I know I cannot keep peacefully about any longer. My job is referee! I am only here to kick the ball back into play, I am not here to pick sides.

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