I veared off course momentarily…

But I am back. Tech support has me set up and I finally got to have my conversation with Guru Annie. Which is good ’cause I have been needing some girl time. She has my feed set up correctly and helped me get my own analytics. So now I know that 1 person went to the blog yesterday and read for almost 27 minutes! (I am hoping it’s Dennis S.) And “I made the blog! I made the blog!”
This is what we decided.
Husbands are fine, but girlfriends are better. We are going to run away to someplace where no one knows who we are, and talk in accents. We will change them mid-conversation just to keep people on their toes. We are going to totally re-invent ourselves. I asked if I had to re-invent Raynard too? “Only if you wanna keep him” was her reply. And I suppose I do, but HE STILL WEARS PLAID! There must be something that can be done about that.
Also, we know that Guru Annie is a much better storyteller than myself. So if our plan to leave our husband’s does not pan out, I get to be the blog nanny. We will travel the world (with families) and I watch the kids. Luckily she has trained her children to be independent, so my job will be a glorified excersise in futility. I won’t be needed, but the paycheck will be. (Good Plan!)

Then I guess we will spend the rest of the day laying pool side with drinks admiring our new shoes. This will be more fun for Annie I am sure, as I have never been that into shoes. This year has been a quest to rediscover that I am a girl, and I bought a purse, maybe shoe shopping will do me some good.

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