High School bliss or bust?

Lind performing a skirt dance in 1890Image via Wikipedia

I was chatting intensley this morning with one of my very favorite people. Long lost girlfriend from high school. I find it infinitely weird that these people I never spoke to in high school are becoming my nearest and dearest through the computer?

Not that we didn’t speak out of animosity, just no similiar classes, friends, interests…. I don’t remember having animosity with anyone in high school. I was a floater. I talked with everyone. I didn’t have a click or circle of friends. I was just the funny girl that was a little bit off and sat behind you in history.

Didn’t date. First guy that asked me out, well, he had a girl friend (I of course did not know this) she slit her wrists or pills…(don’t remember, she lived, and trust me, the guy; not worth the effort.). The guilt was overwhelming. I don’t think I dated again through all of high school. Anyway, I digress…

AC and I were talking and we both remember each other so clearly, and so cloudy at the same time. She remembered me always wearing skirts. Which cracks me up, though I think I did wear them more back then. But it brought back a very specific memory of my first day of high school. I did wear a skirt, and standing in the courtyard at the front of the high school the wind came up and shot my skirt directly up, over my head. Maybe that is when I stopped wearing skirts, or realized I didn’t have that second X chromosome. Either way I don’t think it helped the dating situation.

We also both remember each other as kind and smiling. What a wonderful epitaph for me. I find myself looking ever forward to these early morning quarterly conversations. I get to find out all about the people I overlooked in high school; as I was busy being so self involved. What a ride I missed. I find myself sad I didn’t look harder at all these souls from my past. Hopefully, I know better now, and will look harder for the good in people.

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