Time for another week in review…

Hang glider launching from Mount TamalpaisImage via Wikipedia

I know it’s Monday, and I shouldn’t review on Monday. But I never said I was going to do this right folks. So here goes.

1. Was too unenamored with Halloween this year to get into it. Stinky Pete signed me up for punch, burst my bubble and I have only recently stopped pouting. Plus, when did Halloween just become a reason for women to dress slutty?

2. A bunch of parents Trick or Drank at my house for Halloween…. which helped me get out of my punch funk. Squints told me I was funnier drinking wine… and was pleased with the parenting decision that the first week of therapy is on Raynard and I. Plus I told him I would throw in a bag of Double Stuf Oreos.

3. Skud turned 19 years old yesterday. I am officially old.

4. Skud thinks I need to outside stimulous. He thinks I should EITHER see a new movie or take up hang gliding. I wonder if wearing white after Labor Day would qualify in the daring category? Baby steps ya know?

5. Raynard’s back is out AGAIN! He went to bed early and is leaving town this weekend. I bought naughty lingerie for nothing.

6. Got a text from Skud today… he was walking past a sign at college that said, “Call your mom, she worries…” (it is true, I do)

7. I went international on the blog!! Thank you Denmark. Course it would have been nicer if you would have stayed and read something. But I will take the hit anyway.

8. I have two new favorite bloggers (next to Annie) who never blog. What’s up with that?

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