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Fuck Chineese SymbolImage by Diodoro via Flickr

Today I was eavesdropping on my boss and the teenage kid that has been “mentoring” in our office. In all fairness to me, my boss’s office is about 10 feet away, and the teenage boy was 7 feet straight across, so I was in direct cross-fire of the conversation.

The teenage boy asked, “Why do you have to be 18 or have your parents permission to get a tattoo?” Boss replied, “you are not an adult and not old enough to make your own decision.”

Okay, total a dad response, considering new boss is male, this should have been acceptable. Teenage boy pushed the issue. “I am old enough to make my own decision.”

My mom gene kicked in. (I don’t know why, ’cause this so rarely happens in my house. I let my kids have 3 legged sack races while running with scissor for after dinner activities…)

Teenage boy started talking about the Chinese symbol he wanted tattooed on his bicep. “You can’t have a tattoo ’cause you are too stupid to know what you want…” was my response. “The fact that you want the Chinese symbol for water on your bicep proves my point.”

We had the whole discussion that he was probably not smart enough to check into the sanitary concerns of “BODY ART” and when I asked, “IF he tattooed you with a dirty needle, and you got sick, what would you do?”

“Sue him.”

“You are not an adult, you cannot sue him.” was my motherly response.

“My parents would.” he said.

“But you did not give your parents the OPPORTUNITY to weigh in on this decision.”

“SO. Plus, this guy is really good… my buddy just got this tattoo,” he said pointing to his bicep, “it is really good. It is the Chinese symbol for….”

“No it’s not.”

“Yeah, he is really good…”

“Did you see his Master’s Degree in the Chinese language? He may very well be a great ‘Body Artist,’ but you are gonna feel really stupid 3o years from now with a tattoo on your bicep that says ‘I like soup.'”

“No, the Chinese symbol for water… who would tattoo ‘I like soup’ on their arm?”


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