Oprah is quitting

Hmmm, this might be a great time to reinvent myself yet again. I think I would make a great talk show host. Listen, if Tyra can do it, I can surely pull it off. Plus, I could invite Rob Pattinson to be on!!

I could take over the airways and people would follow me blindly doing anything I said. I could hold book clubs and make everyone read Twilight instead of life altering books. (Actually, I found Twilight to be life altering. Especially the part where Vampires never sleep & just have wild sex all night.)

I could start a charity to get really low cost manicures and dental work for waitresses serving me food. I would give away walking shoes and ipod’s instead of cars, and a free certificate for photography class. My favorite things episodes would have the same two things each year…. chocolate and Ethel’s wine glasses. And help lead Guru Annie on her quest for Presidency!

I could share with the world my choices to wear comfortable shoes with skirts. Be okay with the fact that my ass is WAY too big, and that it is okay to put myself at the top Raynard’s list. And if I don’t make it to the top of Raynard’s list, maybe it is time to make my OWN, just like Oprah.

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