Hmmm…. age appropriate?

I know you are all envious of my super exciting life. Don’t hate me because I am …… blissfully unaware? I don’t know the answer to the sentence. Again, we might have to have another online debate.

Highlight of the week? I got invited to an open house that was bragging “age appropriate drinks.” Now, I get invited to my fair share of open houses and community events. (And why wouldn’t I? I am a hoot!) But this is the first one that boasted, age appropriate drinks. With my impending birthday that ends with an “0” it got me thinking….

What age drinks am I appropriate for?

So I shot off a quick email to the sender of the invitation asking this very question. Sissy responded with “Juice boxes and Kool-aid, just like me.”

“Are they expired? Just like me?” I had to ask…

Radio silence….

So my day off today I spent wandering around my house pouting. My romantic getaway was destroyed by my husband’s brush with death… (I mean congestion due to cough and cold.) I told Raynard I couldn’t take it anymore and I was leaving him. “It’s not on the list.” was his reply.

During Raynard’s afternoon nap, David, who sells us our life insurance called. (Hmmm… time to up the life insurance again?) MAYBE…. David and I chatted about options and sound financial plans, when we got to the part where he had to say… “Well, tell Raynard I hope he gets to feeling better soon and have a Merry Christmas! I will be across the street for some of it…”

“Come on over, and bring the wife…” I chimed in with. “We could have a glass of wine…”

“Oh that would be nice. She is really getting into the Women’s Wine Wednesday’s she is having with her friends. It never used to matter to her… screw top lid, box of wine she was happy, now…”

“Ummm…. you may not want to come. I still am on the box of wine. I have not graduated to bottles…”

….best salesman pitch. “Oh, I totally agree. I am cool with the box of wine.”

My reply….. “I find them easier to drink when you can just poke your straw through the side like a Capri Sun.”

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