Making my amends…

Guru Annie’s blog was Awesome” inspiring.” Made me feel bad about who I am as a whole, right down to the cellular level. Blog was about Christmas traditions, the meaning of Christmas; very heartfelt and very heart warming…. kudos Annie! …Sucks for me.

I am great about writing the shortcomings of my husband, the dog, my children, but me? Do I have shortcomings? (Don’t even start on my grammar and spelling.)

So, I am not perfect…. WAIT…. that has been discussed here, no news flash there. I have a small heart, but I try, I do.

Guru Annie has started her own Christmas traditions in her home. A blend of her childhood traditions mixed with the Awesome husband’s and a sprinkle of her own grown-up checkbook flair. So that got me thinking what have I done to make traditions for my family?

I hate the proverbial question… “So are you ready for Christmas?”

“Not that it is any of YOUR f’n business, but luckily we are poor… so no one expects much from us,” is my usual response. I guess that is a tradition.

I get the phone call from my parents 3 weeks out, “What do the boys want for Christmas?”

“Gauntlet Warehouse Store gift cards mom.”

“I can do that. Isn’t there something specific they want?”

“I could try to explain to you the name of the video game/comic book hero/action figure but you won’t be able to figure it out.”

“Yes Sadie, I guess your right.”

Three weeks after Christmas I will get the phone call that my mother forgot to buy the Gauntlet Warehouse Store gift cards…. next time we are in town she will just give us cash. (Which is fine, my kids are uber spoiled, they don’t need anything from Grandma & Grandpa, but a Christmas Card with well wishes would be nice.) But considering that we have this same conversation every year, I guess that makes it a tradition.

Every year Raynard tells me the one thing he wants for Christmas, and it is usually stupid and “As seen on TV.” I tell him it is stupid and I am not buying it for him. (I have always wanted to go shopping for that perfect gift for him. The one thing he would never buy himself, something cool, like a TV, Stereo or Car…) But every year there is a neatly wrapped Magic Bullet, Shark Steamer, Magic Hangers, Jumper Cables under the tree. I guess that makes it a tradition.

Raynard will come and ask what I want, every year I ask for the same thing; a BEAUTIFULLY wrapped gift under the tree. One that you know they made a special trip to pick out the perfect bow that matches the wrapping paper. Or bought sprigs of holly to tie into the bow. Every year I get a package that looks like UPS handed it off to the Postal Service. It’s held together with duct tape and has two different kinds of wrapping paper, as the “KIDS” ran out of paper while wrapping it. “Well, they really wanted to wrap it, and I don’t know how to do it Sadie…” Hmmm… that is starting to sound like a tradition.

My kids always get too much, ‘cause at the end I panic there is not enough and go out and over compensate. They never like the ONE present I put all the money and thought into, and spend the remainder of Christmas day scattering Lego’s for me to impale my feet with. I was wrong, looks like I have created a lifetime of tradition for my children.

I just wonder which ones the will carry forward and share with there children?

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