2010 no way!

Happy NY / Happy B-Day Ghost Rider [100 items] :DImage by 7αмαηi Q6Я™ Senior ’10 via Flickr

Let me just say I am still in the process of learning the game that comes with blogging. I have a lot of marbles rolling around in my head, but not the words or permission to tell the stories. So if you have not shown up yet is not that you are not loved, or your story has not inspired me…

It is simply a fact that I don’t have the words yet to tell (Roman… I am looking at you here… and having our t-shirts made up.)

I am looking forward to a year of growth… in any capacity that it comes (I am hoping that means that I win the lottery and become the wealthy benefactress to most of you) but even without money… I hope we find the blessing we are all searching for.

Here is to a great to a great 2010. Thanks for reading!

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