Hard to come back from a day like yesterday.

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I had the best and worst day yesterday all rolled up in one big DivaCup. I had written a blog, one of my first and Guru Annie said it was my best blog EVAH. So for Christmas, I gave myself a present and reposted old material. It made the day easier since I had to cook Christmas dinner, BUT imagine my surprise yesterday when I was reading through the comments on the blog site (which I never do…’cause no one ever chimes in there…)

AND low and behold DivaCups posted to the blog!!! Can I get a woot! woot!

I was so high from the sheer excitement of the moment (I may have peed a little) that I could not speak. I know, that is hard to imagine. But trying to tell Crazy Grandma what had transpired was hard…’cause I almost cried. So onslaught of emails to my nearest and dearest to let them know about my brush with fame, or at least infamy took over my morning.

Until my professional intervention came at 2PM. Apparently I am a dumba$$. I forgot to pay 5 people this week. Details aren’t important why, just know that the day before payday I realized I did not submit their hours. OUCH! I could have cried yet again; but with totally different motives this time. So had to have weekly meeting with NEW BOSS right after discovery of debacle, guess what I don’t bounce back from dumbass well.

New Boss took it well, and handled it with the corporate grace he is trying to instill in me.

Solution: let’s drink Sadie. And we did. He took the pager and offered a ride home, as I never drink and drive. Scenario two: We (meaning new boss and I) had prior engagement, where alcohol would be involved. I met him there. Took pager and all the stuff that goes with being on call and I had a great time. UNTIL…. he informed me it was time to go home. Keeping in mind, I had had two glasses of wine before new boss chimed in with my curfew.

New boss drove me home I handed him the clip board, the charger and clipped to my purse was? NO PAGER? What? How could that be?

I went inside the house to make sure I had not set it down someplace else…. which would not be like me but… I had been drinking?

Ran inside grabbed my car keys to check my car…. as Raynard had dropped me off. Nope… pager not in my car.

Called Financial Service Guru where we had been… explained I lost pager and where my purse had been all night…. no pager there.

New boss is calling pager, sure that at any minute purse would start to ring. Good theory as I am new to carrying a purse, and in all reality probably not good at it. Purse did NOT ring.

And then it hits me like 3/4 of a glass of wine…. as we were crossing the FOUR lane highway to get to his vehicle… I dropped my lighter. We were in the middle of rush hour traffic and new boss is yelling… “Wilson, Traffic… come on Wilson!” I grabbed my lighter, got clipped by a Prius and darted towards the other side of the street.

And I look at new boss and say… “Maybe it is laying in the middle of 4 lane rush hour traffic?”

We drove back and I am happy to say after two glasses of wine I still had the foresight to KNOW where pager was. That is the good news, bad news; new boss got to see my whole display. (In the end pager waited until I was on the other side of the street to fall off new purse)

Yep, if you are thinking I am sexy keep this little memory in the back of your head…. you don’t want to get mixed up with the girl who looses the pager in front of new boss… is fan of the DivaCup.

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