I don’t know how you women pull this off..


I slept in until 8 AM this moring and I am still exhausted.

I am so excited to be back in the art community. I am in another theater production… and yes I was cast as a girl for those of you wondering. Not just a girl, but mother #3, that is my official character name.

I have been SO tired, I may have neglected my wifely duties; SO my husband left me. He will be back in two days, that doesn’t really even give me enough time to catch up from his departure. I still have to cook dinner for Stinky Pete and Squints. Plus did I tell you I am in two other preformances for this weekend’s local charity competition?

Before Raynard gets home Tuesday evening I have to build two costumes… make dinner… drop the kids off… CRAP….. that means I have to remember to pick them up too! Have 3 different play practices (OH AND I am the assistant director of the upcoming play) so I have to jot down little notes and ideas that come to me when… when…. apparently when I am yelling at the dog or curling my eyelashes.

But, instead of preparing for all of that, I decided to make bread… and dinner for my Hero. I saw an EMS base for the first time this weekend. I was only in it for about 3.5 minutes total. But when I think about what it takes to pull off a job like that… well I feel lazy.

I feel lazy even though I know I have overbooked myself for the last month and the upcoming month. I will get it all done, I know I will; I always do. But, I don’t do life or death situations, I mock them… but don’t do them, and yes that makes me feel lazy.

Did I tell you I cried at leadership training this past week?

We went to meet the soldiers, you know the ones training for life and death situations. And on that base we met some kids; brave kids. Kids that have a WHOLE deck of cards stacked against them, and they felt hope. Hope for their future. Hope that they could rise above the ashes adults had strewn in their way.

My biggest roadblock is that my damn dog keeps breathing. These kids are detoxing and trying to figure out how they will deal when their mom comes home high… yep, makes me feel lazy. And, it made me want to be kind and do good in the world. So the best thing I could come up with was feeding my Hero.

On a lesser note, I fed the dog too.

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