Slacker update

Well, I haven’t done a thing.  I gave away all my free time to groups that will inevitably end up talking about me behind my back.  I am okay with it, those groups are good for the community.
I had a pedicure.   ‘Course I had to reschedule my date with this super talented girl for my undiscovered talk to have a pedicure and get to the meeting for people to talk bad about me.  Who says my priorities are outta whack?
And the only real thing of interest going on is I GET TO SEE PAULA POUNDSTONE tomorrow in Bozeman, MT.  Raynard strung me along all summer saying he was gonna go with me, and dropped out at the last minute; but it’s okay.  I will give him yet another pass.  ‘Cause no one else would understand or tolerate what will inevitably be me standing in line for HOURS to meet her.  And I will.  I will be the last one there if I have to be.
I am sure she will find me amazing and we will be pen pals for years to come OR I could just come home and my life will be exactly as it was before.  Either  way, I got to see her perform live.

Anyway, keep me in your thoughts.  I don’t like driving on the interstate…. only 5 hours to go.  I don’t like driving over mountain passes.  I think there are just a couple.  I don’t like going out by myself at night… it’s just one night.  And I detest traffic when I don’t know where I am going.  But I am sure it is all worth it, right?

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