Oh Holy Sheets… I OWN a Paula Poundstone trading card.

I am a simple girl, with barely any goals.  If I show up to work in the morning with matching shoes, I am high fiving people all day.  I feel, with these very low expectations in both myself and others, I find so much less disappointment with the world.

So, when I launched the new me… almost two years ago, I put absolutely no expectations on myself.

My goal was to write everyday.  I hit that goal one month.

It has been realized there is no way for me to accomplish my goal of writing everyday, work a 40 hour week, eat, bathe the important areas daily, dishes, vacuum, sort socks, travel to trainings for job, be a community volunteer, make sure the kids eat… something real (Annie I swear we are working toward whole foods) workout, take the dog for her weekly toenail clippings that I have missed for the last 3 weeks, laundry, satisfy husband and wipe the pee off the seat.  Oh, I could give up sleeping but I have decided to draw a line with sleep.  Plus, occasional I need to squeeze in some tweeting.

So I write when I write.  I shoot for 1 time per week.  But let’s face it.  I have failed there as well.

My loving husband Raynard and I recently had quite the unfinished discussion about the new me.  After I was asked by a friend to perform my little blog in a local talent contest Raynard laid down rules.  Rules he had never verbalized before.  Rules, that to this day have not been entirely worked through…. what I can tell you was I was ready to give it up, writing and all for good.


The email read:

Hi. I’m Paula’s Mgr. (for real).

I really enjoyed reading your column.

I never heard anything about a heckler – honestly, she gets so few of them and I’ve never heard of ONE that she couldn’t handle.

I am intrigued w/the trading card.

Is that for real.

I like the idea.

Nice writing on the blog.

Made me laugh.

Good luck with your talent.

Clue me in on the trading card if it is not a joke.
(Since you are stalking her, I hope you are on our mailing list: http://www.paulapoundstone.com). We let you know every month where she is performing (only blast once a month) and when she is on Wait Wait…

Have fun.



It very well could just be one of my friends phucking with me.  I know ya’ll think I am stalking her, but I don’t know the details people.  If I was really peeping through her dining room window, I would be able to CONFIRM that Bonnie Whats-her-name really is her manager, worked there X amount of years, went to ABC University to Study Dr. Seuss but was disillusioned with the redundancy of rhyme and found a position with http://www.paulapoundstone.com/ reading obscure blogs for reference points.

I cannot officially confirm that Bonnie Whats-Her Name is Paula Poundstone’s manager.

I cannot deny it either.

Doesn’t matter.  Either way someone went far enough out of their way to create this clever hoax that Paula Poundstone’ manager




From Nowhere, WY.


She left a comment.

On work I wrote.

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