I never had a good one.

I had two really average ones, by Sadie standards.  I have recently come to learn things that happen to me don’t necessarily happen in most people’s lives, but that is a blog for another day.  I don’t think you are supposed to enjoy them.  (I am not naming names of dudes I went to prom with many years ago… ’cause they were both really good guys, their weakest moment was asking me out.  It ain’t their fault folks.)

My first prom I went as a sophomore, with the nicest guy who may have really liked me.  But as I have said, IF you were a nice guy and IF you treated me well, I tossed you quickly.  I had no time for all that mushy stuff.  That date actually ended so badly he looked at me at the end of the evening and said, “would you mind if I dropped you off and went out with friends?”

“No” and that was a true statement.

It was not bitter or devastating for either of us and we still chat on the rare occasions we run into each other.

I didn’t go as a Junior.

I wasn’t going to go as a Senior, but then I got talked into the pageantry of it, the meaning, the blah, blah, blah, blah.  I am easily manipulated + I had recently seen Pretty In Pink.

So I asked a boy I really liked, we will call him Pooky. (REALLY LIKED.)  He lived far away and was gonna travel to come see me, and we were talking about me going to his…..

And then I had car trouble and another really kind hearted boy in my Greek Myth class offered to give me a ride home.  He was/is still the nicest guy, I think, judging by what he has posted to FB and the fact that I have never seen a blurry photo of him on Good Morning America in a ball cap walking away from a mall after leaving a paper sack behind.

So on the ride home he asked what I was doing for prom and I really wasn’t paying attention… since I have the voices in my head and they are distracting and all –so I said “I don’t know.” –‘Cause was I going there… was Pooky coming here?  Were we doing both?

Have I mentioned I ain’t quick on my feet?

“Would you like to go with me?”

OH Sugar Honey Ice Tea!  I can’t say I have a date… I just said I didn’t know.  I will look like an a$$hole. 


And then, Game. On.

Like I said, he was a real nice guy, one I never gave enough of a chance too.

I designed a dress and had a local lady sew based on a drawing I sketched.  Nice Guy #2 got the matching corsage and boutonniere.  And I was HOT… ’cause the day of Prom I woke up with 104 degree temp and tonsillitis so bad  you could see them sticking out of my neck.  Don’t tell me he wasn’t stoked to see me.   My neck was so swollen I actually choked on a shrimp during dinner. 

Good times right?

It took all my energy to get through that GD dance.  It took everything I had left to go to the midnight showing of Beetlejuice at our local theater.  -Ya know, there may have been a double feature that night directly proceeded by Some Kind of Wonderful, with Eric Stoltz. 

Poor guy, I think I probably told him not to kiss me ’cause he might get infected.  — that sounds like me.

Flash forward 20+ years:  Squint’s had prom two weeks ago.  I should have written this long before now… I am still trying to catch up BFF Cal and I are walking… We are “training” for a half marathon.  The walking kind … and I say “tomorrow’s prom ya know.”


“D&D nerds are having a big PROM party in the basement.  We should have prom in my kitchen.”

“Yes.”  We had already decided to have dinner as two couples for that night anyway, but figured it would be cheaper (thank you Dave Ramsey) and more fun in my kitchen. Then being the a$$hole I am said, “We should wear our party dresses LIKE PROM.”

Cal, being who she is, pays attention to all the dork stuff I say and not only loves me for it, takes me totally serious.  She showed up in party dress, wearing make-up, having recently bathed and looking gorgeous. Guess who had not bathed that day?  Guess who had a little enchilada sauce smeared somewhere sickening yet you could not keep yourself from looking?

“Oh you wore your dress and everything!”

“Yes.  Like I was instructed to do” was Cal’s reply.


I put on my party dress and dress tennis shoes and joined the party.  Can I just say, BEST PROM EVER!  Not just ’cause I was old enough to drink, but ’cause my best friend and the man she loves were there.  Plus, my own loving husband Raynard was there.  Stinky Pete went to bed.  Nerds stayed in basement all night, unsure of what spells Call and I had mastered and we ate, drank and were merry.

Even when Cal started reading a book at the table.


Best prom ever.

And the night slipped away from us. Even pretending to be young we were all in bed by midnight.  (I am a little ashamed to admit that…) BUT before the night ended I hit shuffle on the iPod one last time.
Wouldn’t you know this song came up. Just like back in the day.  And we two couples danced in my kitchen.
Yep.  Best. Prom. Ever.
…. and dontcha just love the shoes?

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