The Storm

The Onion Girl got me hooked up with this site.

I know I have to write, and there is nothing real in my life to write about, the best part of this website is it has prompts.  Prompts for a girl who has nothing to say, no time to say it but the need to sit down and let people stare into her feeble little mind.

Even if your mother always told you “it is not polite to stare”, stare away.  It is fascinating the sh*t that goes through my head.  I only wish I could project it sometimes.

I don’t watch the news, ’cause it makes me cry.  I know tornadoes have devastated parts of the country and I am sure that is what the storm prompt relates too.  Here in Nowhere, WY we haven’t even gotten our spring storm yet, the storm that shuts down the whole town.  So I am a little low on motivation in this prompt.

I know there was a frenzied storm of paparazzi surrounding the Royal Wedding that I didn’t watch.  I didn’t watch the parade of hats.  I really could care less what Kate’s dress looked like, or now 5 days later you can purchase a replica for your summer wedding.  –Yeah good luck getting the Duchess title.

And now amidst the debate of which President did more in the war on terror there is a new storm in the east.  I hate it when the sh*t blows from the east.  It changes the horizon, just saying.

There is another storm brewing I fear, but the disturbance is inside me.  A squall of where I am, where I want to be and how will I get there?  Who do I devastate along the way?

Not that me leaving really ruins anything. I used to think that it mattered.  I used to think I was so good at my job if I left it would create an impact.  It doesn’t. We are all replaceable.

The great news is rebuilding always creates jobs.

One thought on “The Storm

  1. Perhaps the storm brewing will not bring devastation, but much needed moisture for which to fuel your change. Is that shit poetic, or whut?

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