A confession of a muddled mind.

So, I was asked to be FEATURED WRITER OF STUDIO 30 PLUS. Ok, I may have lost my mind and let it go to my head.  Because I started to take pride in interacting with people I had not met.  Like my opinion or little note on their writing could be of substantial value.

I found a newly subscribed blogger.  She was brilliant.  She was crass.  She told it exactly how she saw it… what was not to love? She was writing about an inflatable sheep and a Montana Handshake.  I was intrigued: I read, I laughed, and her writing became a part of me.  I posted:

“Unknown blogger, I think I love you in a way that does not incorporate bodily fluids.”

She responded with, “I think I love you too.”

Next day, we IM’d a deep intellectual conversation.  The kind of conversation I don’t usually get in Nowhere, Wy.  Yes, I noticed the conversation was very “gay” friendly. And even thought to ask: “are you gay?”   But then I asked myself, why would it matter?  She is fun, funny and I really like talking to her.  And hell Sadie, you fly the rainbow flag, you wear comfortable shoes and you even piss glitter.

I was so excited I texted BFF Cal, “I met wonderful new blogger online.”

“URL please.”

So I sent Cal a link.  She confessed later that she was too busy to do the research.

I thought long and hard about the conversation this new blogger and I had had.  I was so moved by her words, her wisdom, her strength, humor and BRAINS.  She had asked if I had seen what she posted back to my comments.  No, I had not.  So I rushed to my writing room and realized my faux pas.

I have to stop drinking when I write.

Because what I thought I wrote was: “Unknown blogger, I think I love you in a way that does not incorporate bodily fluids.”

When what I REALLY WROTE WAS: “Unknown blogger, I think I love you in a way that does incorporate bodily fluids.”

I walked into my kitchen to confess to my husband.  “I think I just had my first online date.  It went pretty well.”

“What did you do?”

“I swear, I thought I said; Unknown blogger, I think I love you in a way that does not incorporate bodily fluids.  I forgot to type the NOT.” I said half ashamed, half loving the new blogger.

“Did you break up yet?” he asked.

“No, I will go break up with her right away.”

I sent the beautiful woman an “it’s NOT you, IT’S me email.” Sure I was being deleted from her friends list at any moment. 

And in true honest form she sent me back an email that said, “I am straight, but I think it is hysterical that you over-analyzed this situation.  I can see this keeping you up all night with worry.”

And it did.

4 thoughts on “A confession of a muddled mind.

  1. Hahaha! Sadie, you are awesome. I absolutely love that we got our friendship off to a start like this. Somehow, it’s totally fitting. Equal parts Socially Awkward Penguin and hilarity. 🙂

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