Turns out, I’m like that monkey in Outbreak

And that is a good thing for all of you.

Come on, S-T-R-E-T-CH!
Just a little farther.
I know you can do it.

My life has been crazy, I have been trying to make people happy and the world a better place.  I really thought I was going to pull it off too.  Turns out, can’t be done.  Well, maybe it can be done, but we would have to pull together, as a community.  We would have to organize and devote time to this important project.  People aren’t going to do that.

I was talking to Crazy Grandma on the phone tonight and she said the weirdest things:


  • I miss you Sadie.
  • –This felt foreign to hear, usually I get, “Are you still here?”
  • It took me awhile to understand the glitter and Unicorns in your head.
  • –Well, Duh…
  • You taught me so much, I can honestly say I wouldn’t be the person I am today without knowing you.
  • –Evil laughter in my head, yet small tear for her epiphany.

Come on! One hug?
I am totally harmless.

That is when I screamed, “Yeah, no shit.  I am like that monkey in outbreak!  I infected you with that belief the world can be a better place.”

Crazy Grandma said, “No one I work with now sees Unicorns.  They don’t even believe in Munchkins.”



Antibodies CAN be evil.

“It’s not surprising.  I may be as contagious as the monkey in outbreak, but I am only one person. You guys keep building up antibodies.”

But it IS nice to be known as the girl who helps people change how they think, be it a small change, it is STILL change.

12 thoughts on “Turns out, I’m like that monkey in Outbreak

  1. that monkey is really evil… scary. As for change.. one small step is better than none.. Soldier on we must. How does one get glitter AND unicorns(and Munchkins?) in their head? You are one special lady :)… and yes I mean that.

    • Unfettered, I know you will think I am lying… or maybe it will just scare you, but I have always heard voices in my head. Not the kind that tell me to “do stuff” but more like an inner monologue or voice over in a movie.

  2. Interesting that that’s what you got from the movie. Why not take home the example set by the Dustin Hoffman character? He was just one man, but he did EVERYTHING! Even went up in that damn helicopter. With Cuba Gooding’s help, of course. Maybe that’s the secret to making the world a better place: Cuba Freaking Gooding.

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